If your goods go out in orders containing 1 box of this and 2 cartons of that, perhaps you need to use a warehouse that are able to offer an order picking service.

Pick and Pack Warehouse services at Fred Davies Storage Ltd

  • Pick and pack is part of a complete process that is commonly used in the retail distribution of goods, and a key decision why we invested in a new WMS (Warehouse Management System), in addition this enables us to carry out order picking fulfilment more accurately and efficiently.
    Further benefits:
  • Customers can log onto their own dedicated WMS Portal within any location that has internet, input their own outbound orders, leaving the system to then control the picks by customer preference.
  • Designed racked /bulk, pick face locations within our pick and pack warehouse.
  • Orders can be amended up to us commencing the pick and pack process.
  • We can carry out wave picking – which allows us to consolidate orders on the customer’s behalf, If you deal with larger orders that require palletising we can do this to detailed specification, whether it be to a certain height, weight or using particular banding or coloured wrap.
  • Individual item or Case picking which can be dispatched individually or on a pallet. There is, however, significant skill required to make up a good pallet load of product. Key requirements are that cartons not to damaged, they make good use of the available cube (space) and have experienced staff to safely assemble.
  • Once goods are ready for despatch we can liaise with your chosen courier/haulage company to ensure goods are collected and delivered to your requirements.
  • Our Management software also allows us to automatically manage and dispatch orders from e-stores giving instant e-commerce fulfilment.

Should you have any other special requirements, we are sure we will be able to have our system customised as necessary.

We are only a telephone call away, you only need to ask!

Pick and Pack warehouse service available in the North West. With excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.