Why Should We Bother with Continuous Professional Development? The Question Should be: Why Not?!

The idea of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is certainly not a new one, yet, it is becoming ever more prevalent as institutions, organisations and businesses insist their members undertake a certain amount of CPD within a time frame.

CPD can be achieved in many ways, the following shows just a few examples:
1. Networking – By interacting with your peers, mentors and experts, you obtain insights and opportunities for growth.
2. Learning activities – Attending seminars, conferences, workshops, courses and formal education programs.
3. Goal setting – Identify what you want to achieve and create a plan with realistic goals.

There are many benefits for undertaking CPD, including staying up to date with industry advancements. It can also help an individual to adapt to changes within the industry.

Here at Fred Davies, during the process of carrying out the annual appraisals, the subject of future training is looked at. In what ways can the team member further assist the company? Would they be suitable for such training? Is it something they are personally interested in?

As proud members of the St. Helens Chamber, they are our 1st stop for any training courses for our team members.

Recently, we have put 2 members of our staff through their Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) accredited training.

We also have several members of staff who have been through an Internal Racking Inspection Course approved by SEMA, and have re-attended this training in December to renew their certification.

The above two examples are in addition to the usual training which encompasses what most companies get their staff to undertake: in-house system training, first aid courses, fire training etc.

We think that all types of training can enhance not only our employees, but also our Company which in-turn improves the services we offer at all our sites based within the Liverpool City Region.