The terms warehousing and logistics are often coupled together as they are essentially two sides of the same coin, both fulfil functions within the supply chain of a business.

Fred Davies Storage and Transportation Logistics

As a public warehousing facility (avoiding the term just!) we at Fred Davis Storage Limited focus on the safe storage and materials handling of a range of differently stored products on behalf of our customers.

They in turn rely on the wider logistics network to move their products into our warehouse and then move them onward in the supply chain as and when they are required.

We pride ourselves on having many years’ experience in both the warehousing and transportation industries, both as a Company and the individuals who work within our organisation; Our team have either learnt the trade from within or came to us bringing expertise with them.

Over the years we have formed a close bond with many local and national logistics companies who we are in contact with day in day out. This is vital as both sides of the coin work in tandem to ensure the whole process runs as smoothly as possible for all parties.

Transportation logistics covers all modes of transport, road, rail, sea and air, without transport the supply chain grinds to a halt; which has been in the news a lot recently with hauliers having problems recruiting HGV drivers both due to Brexit (European drivers returning to their own countries) and the pandemic (putting a stop to driver training and examinations).

To survive in the transportation logistics industry both multinational and domestic companies the world over must provide end to end solutions through each segment and sector of the supply chain network, tailored to individual customer needs.

Fred Davies has excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.