Routine maintenance of our premises including keeping our roof and guttering clean is important to us here at Fred Davies.

With this in mind last week we employed the services of Facility Solutions to inspect and clean our roof and guttering.
To enable them to do this routine maintenance they brought this rather large piece of equipment on site, which has a reach of 75m – the dizzying height of the Big One in Blackpool!. This meant it was safer for their personnel and would also avoid causing any damage to our roof.

We were lucky enough to be able to utilise this equipment to get some bird’s-eye view photos of our Delta Road site, which shows how deceptively large it really is.

Take a look at this photo of the fully extended arm, that’s our warehouse manager right at the top inspecting the roof after the work had been completed! According to him it was an absolutely fantastic experience, but we all got vertigo just watching him…