Do you import your products?

Have you considered using a Public Customs Bonded Warehouse?

We have been assessed by HMRC and have met their exacting requirements to be authorised as a Public Customs Bonded Warehouse.  This means we are subject to regular visits to ensure we are complying to all their stringent rules and guidelines.

There are different types of bonded warehouses and we have been authorised by HMRC to store both ‘dry’ as well as ‘wet’ goods – the ‘wet’ goods mean that we are able to store alcohol and tobacco.

Our dedicated team of warehouse and administration staff have many years of experience in the warehouse and distribution industry. We are can receive these goods acting as a warehouse keeper into our customs-bonded warehouse facility.  So they will be securely stored until you are ready to export or place them into free circulation.

Your responsibilities would be:-
1.   Correctly declare your goods
2.  Ensure that they enter our warehouse which you have named on your declaration within 5 days of clearing customs
3.  Provide us with all the details of the import declaration
4.  Ensure your goods are being correctly declared on removal from our facility, which is when any duties will be payable. (except if you are going to re-export them for overseas trade, then duties and taxes will not be paid in the UK, but in the country of destination, avoiding double payment of duty.)

At our bonded warehouses based within the Liverpool City Region. We are close to the docks at Seaforth and the rail freight terminals situated in Liverpool and Manchester.  As well as being able to connect to the rest of the UK via the motorway network.

Our committed administration team can offer a complete service. Even aiding you with your imports/exports, even completing your import/export declarations.

Our dedicated team will keep comprehensive paperwork detailing all goods stored under bond. This has to be made available for HMRC to check when they carry out any routine visits. Their visits also entail them visibly inspecting your goods and ensuring they are stored in a suitable manner.

Why not contact us to find out what our competitive bonded warehouse costs are, which you will find will be a convenient and cost-effective way of increasing your cashflow and helping your Company grow.