The different types of bonded warehouse are private or public and the products they can store differ as to whether it is a dry or wet bonded warehouse.

Here at Fred Davies Storage, we are delighted to have gone through the accreditation process with HMRC and are now officially approved for both wet & dry Custom Control Bonded warehouse facilities at two separate sites in the St Helens area, within Merseyside.

You may NOT realise what it means to be a Bonded vs Non-Bonded storage facility, as there are a number of key advantages: –

  • When you import goods into the UK and store in a non-bonded warehouse, the importer must immediately pay taxes on the goods. This doesn’t apply at any of our bonded warehouses, you have options to help with your cash flow.
  • Dry Bonded Customs Warehouse – Help your cashflow by deferring your customs duty and VAT, but this cannot include alcohol & tobacco.
  • Wet Bonded Customs Warehouse – On imported goods only you have the choice to store in our customs warehouse facility all goods including both alcohol & tobacco. You can defer ALL your customs duties, VAT and excise duties.
  • Choose your option for both short term or long-term storage: –
    • Long term cuts out unnecessary travel, keeps your stock safe & secure whilst building and developing reliable trustworthy relationships with a key supplier.
    • Short Term gives you quick turnaround, with the knowledge you have had the expected high level of service from administrators to warehouse operators.
  • When you bring in your goods from outside of the UK into a Customs Warehouse, this type of warehouse has been audited and approved by HMRC to ensure they comply with a set of rules and regulations, meaning you can be confident of dealing with a reputable organisation. Here at Fred Davies the security of your goods is paramount and they will be handled by very experienced and capable staff.

Customs bonded warehouse storage available in the North West. With excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.