Fred Davies Storage have a great advantage, we have excellent, efficient staff with years’ of experience when it comes to pick and pack fulfilment services, also known as ecommerce services.

For people who are unsure, order fulfilment service is defined as the steps involved in receiving, processing and delivering orders to the end customers. Pick and pack fulfilment services are also defined as third-party companies that provides these order fulfilment steps on behalf of another party, such as an online seller.

How do fulfilment services generally operate? Items can be manually inputted by our customer service team or sent directly into the Warehouse Management System by CSV files. For tracking and accountability, all inventory management is controlled through our Warehouse Management System. Picks are then issued to the warehouse personnel selecting the right quantities of products from their designated storage locations. The goods are generally placed in shipping boxes with appropriate packaging materials, labelled, documented and shipped.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Warehousing:

Efficiency – A proper pick and pack distribution process streamlines order fulfilment because it removes the middleman often needed when goods are collected from different storage facilities and sent somewhere to get packed and labelled.

Increased customer satisfaction – When pick and pack is done right, orders are filled accurately, without damage and on time for customers.

Shorter turnaround time – Well-managed and organized handling techniques applied to goods leads to shipments arriving at their destination sooner.

Greater cost-effectiveness – Pick and pack procedures are optimized to handle orders of any size. In addition, there is no need for items to be collected from different storage facilities to be packed and labelled. As a result of these and other factors, human labour is reduced and time-frames are reduced, leading to a streamlined process with minimal waste.

Pick and pack warehousing is an excellent way to manage order fulfilment and is an efficient process that increases profitability. In order to realize these benefits, you need to work with a warehouse that can handle orders quickly and with a high accuracy rate.

Pick and Pack Warehousing facilities available in the North West. With excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.