Words such as supply chain, customs clearance, ocean freight and air and rail freight are all terms relating to the services of freight forwarding companies.  Freight forwarding is the planning and coordinating of movements around the globe and can include other tasks such as logistics planning and customers’ brokerage.

Our Customer Service team can answer any questions you may have and support your requirements. Whilst we are not a freight forwarder, we do offer bonded warehouse facilities and can expedite customs clearance on your behalf.

Bonded warehousing is efficient and cost effective and provides a way of managing cash-flow by deferring your import duties and VAT charges until your goods leave the warehouse. As we are also authorised to store alcohol & tobacco, excise duties can also be deferred.

Importers and exporters benefit from our customs clearance services and bonded warehouse facilities. Goods are stored securely until they reach their final destination here in the UK or overseas.

We have expert knowledge of customs standards and protocols, which vary by country and even port to port.

We have badges in place for major UK Ports, both deep sea and roll on roll off services.

We have an instinct for network building, because in many ways, a supply chain is only as strong as the parties propelling it.

Bonded warehouse storage is available in the North West. With excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.