Having pallet racking that can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes of pallet will enhance any warehouse and make your facilities available to more customers.

We made a business decision to install over 30,000 sqft of heavy-duty pallet racking after several companies approached us looking for a storage solution for their palletised goods that were only suitable for storing in a pallet racking system.

The system we went for is a height-adjustable pallet racking which means the ground floor bays can go to a maximum of 2.85m high. This gives us great flexibility as across our current customer base, pallet heights range from 1.m upwards. This will also will assist in attracting new customers.

  • Standard depth bays are 1.2m deep to accommodate standard pallets
  • All of our bays are long-span shelving meaning the length of the bays is 3.6m. They are able to accommodate 4 x Euro pallets or 3 x standard pallets but it also means products on non-standard pallets up to 1.2m x 3.6m x 2.85m can be fitted into these bays.
  • For the safety of our clients’ goods and our staff, all our racking also benefits from wooden slatting.
  • All our racking is inspected by a SEMA (UK Storage Equipment Manufacturer Association) qualified engineer on a yearly basis. We also had several members of staff trained by SEMA to carry out monthly inspections and do any remedial works.
  • Our pallet racking means that if a customer says their stock is going to be in our facility for a long period of time, we are able to place it on one of the higher levels, thus helping ensure the integrity of the product and avoiding unnecessary moving or damage.

Since having our racking system installed, we have found it to be of great benefit to the Company and our customers; especially as we also invested in Narrow Aisle Flexi Trucks just after installation.

We offer warehouse racking services in the North West. With excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.