‘Here at Fred Davies, we can offer you the many benefits of a Customs Bonded Warehouse’

  • A bonded warehouse is a place of storage for imported goods (also known as bonded goods) that have yet to be processed by customs. In simple terms, it is a duty-free zone.
  • Significantly improve your cash flow by deferring your import duties & VAT charges until your goods sell or leave the warehouse.
  • If goods are being re-exported for overseas trade, the customs clearance will not be paid in the UK, instead it will be paid in the country of destination, avoiding double payment of duty.
  • Get help with Customs Control. Here at Fred Davies, we can complete import & export declarations on your behalf.
  • HMRC approves and regulates all UK Customs Warehouses and they are subject to careful assessment and regular auditing, so you can be confident of dealing with a reputable organisation.
  • Fred Davies Storage is authorised by HMRC to store BOTH wet and dry goods.
  • Wet bonded warehouses are the only ones in which alcohol and tobacco can be stored. So, whatever your needs we can accommodate you!

Customs bonded warehouse storage available in the North West. With excellent transport links from all over the UK including Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington, Runcorn, Wigan.