I joined Fred Davies Storage on 11th March 2019 as an Operations Clerk, I have worked in various industries – Recycling, Heating and Plumbing, Pharmacy, Warehousing and Transport all in an administrative and accounts clerk role.

I actually approached the Company in the hope that they may have a position for me as it is based nearer my home and I thought a slightly different role might challenge me.

I found all the staff very welcoming and they were kind to ‘the new girl’ while I was getting to grips with the way the processes here worked. Even though I have experience of ISO, every Company’s procedures are different and I was also able to make some subtle changes to some of the paperwork and the way somethings were done.

It was going very well; new customers were starting to use the facilities we had, then in 2020 we like the country as a whole had to deal with Covid 19. Our customers’ staff were working from home, some or all of the time, some goods due to arrive in the UK were delayed, while one of our customers was busier than ever. It was then it was decided to upgrade our Warehouse Management System, which meant new software, training (over teams and telephone calls) and lots of issues as we got used to the system – but this was something I enjoyed because I could really get involved from the start with the implementation and have since assisted others with the system.

This year started with the ongoing problems of Covid 19, but our General Manager/Director Alison Kelly had made the decision to go for Customs Status and selected me to be trained. So, during the first week of March the Operations Manager and myself were doing training – again over teams – on all the rules and regulations for when goods come into or leave a Customs Warehouse. Even though there was a lot of work involved again it was good learning something new, which will ultimately help the company as well.

The following week I was offered promotion to Office Manager which I accepted – with pride I must admit – I took on this role officially on the 1st April. So, I have been able to pass my knowledge of the company, its processes and the warehouse management system onto our new starter who is now doing my role of Operations Clerk while I take on a more Managerial Role working alongside our Operations Manager.