Container de-stuffing is the unloading of goods, whether palletised or loose loaded, off a shipping container. De-stuffing is often considered the easiest part of warehousing however, in reality this requires a large amount of planning and forethought as more and more we are seeing goods that are not palletised, as manufacturers want to maximise space across the container and minimise costs. This means goods will require reloading onto pallets for storage and further transportation.

It’s because of this increase in non-palletised goods that Fred Davies Storage invested in a specialist built, bespoke safety platform to assist our staff in offloading goods onto pallets in the safest way possible, whilst maintaining efficiency.


What is the Process?

We will liaise with yourself or your haulier, arranging a pre-determined date and time for your container to arrive with us. Knowing in advance whether the goods will be palletised or loose loaded will assist us in ensuring we have the correct man power at hand. This ensures that we are able to de-stuff your container in a timely fashion, avoiding costly demurrage charges.

Once your container arrives with us we have long standing, highly trained members of staff who have the know-how to ensure that the de-stuffing of your container is done in an organised and efficient manner.

The container and seal numbers are checked against the pre-advice before opening the doors. Stock is checked against the packing list provided and any discrepancies, or damages that have occurred during shipping, are appropriately documented, photographed and reported immediately.

Palletised stock is located immediately, whereas loose stock is first palletised according to your specifications by staff who follow stringent ISO processes to ensure your goods are handled safely, and therefore reducing damages. These are secured then located and all stock is booked onto our WMS system, providing full traceability.

A copy of the receipt note is then e-mailed to the relevant recipient, outlining what we have received, where the goods have been located and the container details.

At Fred Davies Storage we have 50 years experience of de-stuffing containers, with highly trained members of staff who are used to handballing goods on a regular basis.