We have available dedicated warehouse facilities with latest pallet racking in which to store palletized goods in our sites which are located in the North West of England, all locations within easy reach to the Port of Liverpool and the freight terminals in Manchester and can utilise the excellent transport links from all over the UK.

Pallet racking is made up of three components

  • 12 Ton Upright Frames
  • 3 Ton Capacity Beams
  • All locations boarded for safety & security to take 3.5 ton in weight.

The upright frames are the vertical columns which are anchored to the floor and these are what the beams are attached to. On top of the beams there are pallet supports placed to provide a stable surface for the pallets to rest on.

The system we decided to go for is height-adjustable allowing us to adjust the level to meet various customer configurations and requirements.

Our racking is designed to accommodate standard pallets so 1.2m in depth and the individual bays are 3.6m wide which means they will hold either 3 x standard pallets or 4 x Euro pallets, each bay compatible to take 3 ton in weight.

We had our racking installed by a member of SEIRS which is the Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme, it is then inspected by SEMA (UK Storage Equipment Manufacturer Association) on a yearly basis.

To enable us to do monthly inspections and carry out any remedial work we arranged for several members of our warehouse team to be trained by SEMA

As we have qualified staff on site it means that our racking system can be used following proper safety guidelines, to prevent accidents and to ensure the structural integrity of the system.

By having the racking installed we have been able to utilize the height of our buildings, so increasing the about of space we have available for our clients.

If you would like to get more information about our storage solutions that could help your Company please get in touch.