We have been approved by HM Revenue and Customs as an Excise Warehouse.
This means we are able to receive, store and dispatch goods that are in duty suspension.
To obtain this approval we had to demonstrate that we can comply with stringent security and regulatory requirements.

There are 3 categories of goods that can be held in an excise warehouse and they are:-
• Tobacco – that has not been produced in the UK and intended for the UK market.
• Alcohol
• Energy products
The main benefit to you, the customer, is that using an excise warehouse means that you only pay the duty when the goods go into free circulation thus helping with your cashflow.
Records have to be maintained to a very high standard for all goods stored under excise and we are subject to regular inspections by HMRC, to ensure that we are complying with all regulations. This will also include a visual inspection of the goods in the location within our warehousing facility.
This means that along with our 24 hour security, CCTV, experienced workforce our WMS and the processes laid down by HMRC you can rest assured that your goods are in safe hands.
Our location in the North West of England mean we are close to the Port of Liverpool and the freight terminals in Manchester and can utilise the excellent transport links from all over the UK.